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The Kol Ami leadership team is excited about the growth of the congregation and the development of committees that support our congregational values and mission. Please consider participating on a committee or adding your name to a list of potential volunteers able to occasionally contribute some time.

There are many ways that you can contribute such as: cooking a meal for a congregant in need, posting on social media, supporting social action or religious education, and much more. As a small congregation, your involvement will make a meaningful difference to our community. 

Going into the High Holy Days, we have specific needs to be filled. The Kol Ami Ritual/Worship Committee is looking for participants for both English readings and Torah and Haftarah portions. Help and tutoring is available, if needed, for any who wish to take part. Readings will likely be done from your home virtually with some exceptions. We would also welcome anyone who would like to join the committee to contribute to making sure services and celebrations all year round are welcoming and successful.

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