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You don't have to be a dues-paying member

to participate in our community.

But we think you should consider it. 


We're a small, part-time congregation providing the services of a full-time synagogue. It can be easy to assume that Jewish community just happens--that there will always be somewhere to go for holidays; that there will always be a Jewish venue for weddings, funerals, and other major life events; that there will always be a rabbi to consult;

that there will always be somewhere to go to say kaddish for loved ones. 

Jewish Community

Doesn't Just Happen


It takes effort, it takes coordination, and it takes money. If your finances permit, please consider becoming a member and making a pledge. We don't turn anyone away: if you can't afford the full pledge amount, we're happy to work with you! In addition to the knowledge that you're helping sustain Jewish community for yourself, your

current community, and those who come after us, here are some benefits members receive:

  • subsidized fees for religious school, adult ed classes, and events

  • pastoral counseling: life cycle, grief, life transitions, family and couples counseling

  • a venue for celebrations and life events from baby naming and b'nei mitzvah to weddings and funerals

  • spiritual direction: help developing your own Jewish spiritual practice

  • end of life planning

  • hospital visits

  • 24/7 emergency pastoral and crisis care

  • all life cycle rituals and care included in membership

  • a Jewish cultural center: holidays, cultural events, and more

  • the security of traveling through life with a community around you

Our little congregation has a relatively tiny operating budget, which means that your pledge

has a huge impact on what we can do.

* In addition to membership, we also have a pay-what-you-can supporter option.

Please contact us to discuss.


Email us using this form and the rabbi will get back to you. We promise, no pressure to join. The rabbi can answer your questions via email, give you a call, or set up a time to meet. 

Contact preference:

Thank you! The Rabbi will be in touch soon!

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