Building Blocks of Judaism: A course in the "how to's" of Jewish living for adult learners. Tuesdays at 7pm.


6/9 - 

Beyond the Pale: Sephardic and Mizrachi Jewish Traditions.

6/16 - 

What is Shabbat? Overview of Shabbat customs and practices for the home and synagogue.

6/23 - 

 How to Pray Jewishly: Overview of the basic elements of Jewish prayer, both personal and communal.

6/30 - 

What are the most important Jewish holidays? An overview of the core Jewish holy days, the celebrations, texts and histories.

7/7 - 

How to keep Kosher--we will explore traditional kosher laws and contemporary Jewish ethics towards food and eating.

7/14 - 

What is the value of Hebrew? An overview of the languages of Jewish life and the centrality of Hebrew within Jewish life.

7/21 - 

How to celebrate the High Holidays--an overview of the history, practice and central prayers of the Days of Awe.

7/28 - 

What is the Torah? An overview of the history of the Torah, recap fo the 5 books and theories of authorship, meanings for today.

 8/4 - 

Jewish History - An Overview. An overview of Jewish history and lessons for today.

8/11 - 

A history of Anti-Semitism

Open Yeshiva. On the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 7pm from June - August.


Mussar is a Jewish path for self-exploration and ethical development. Each week we will focus our learning on one middah, or character trait, and then we will have opportunities to challenge ourselves by putting our learning to practice. This class will focus on the study of primary texts from the Mussar tradition and stories, poetry, songs and chants to help deepen our connection to the value or ethical trait we are studying. 


6/11 -   Chesed: Loving Connection

6/25 -   Gevurah: Boundries

7/09 -   Anavah: Humility

7/23 -   Zerizut: Energetic Response

8/13 -   Hodayah: Gratitude

8/27 -   Shmirat Dibur: Mindful Speech

Advanced Text Study: Friday lunch and learn. From 12pm -1:15pm - No Hebrew needed.


6/19 -   Joshua

6/26 -   Judges

7/17 -   Samuel 1 & 2

7/24 -   Kings 1 & 2

7/31 -   Ezekiel

8/07 -   Daniel

8/07 -   Ezra/Nehemiah

August - Midrash Rabbah: Legends of the Jews, stories about stories in the Torah from the early Rabbinic period.

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