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Stories Matter Week 2: - Mary Askenazi

A Different Thought About Mother’s Day – by Mary Askenazi

Remember when we were young, and Mother’s Day was something to look forward to? At school you would draw or paint something for your mom, grandmother or someone special who was like a mom. When you became an adult, you never dreamed that being a mom would be questioned or not in your reach. People hardly talked about why she did not have children, why someone would adopt, or what other choices she made about growing her family.

This weekend is Mother’s Day in America. A day that brings joy to many, lost memories to some, and to others, dream is never to be realized. For some women, they do not have the benefit of freely and easily conceiving a child, a mental or financial capacity to adopt, or even a wish to be a mother. The pain of these feelings are emphasized on Mother’s Day in family gatherings, TV programs and movies, and stores full of flowers and balloons, just to name a few ways.

On Mother’s Day it is felt even deeper for many because we forget that others are not, or choose not, to be moms. I just ask that you enjoy your Mother’s Day, if it applies, and have compassion for the women around you who struggle on this day. The pain can be deep and yet hidden from view, love and blessings!



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