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Do you have friends who are NOT Jewish? This is your moment!

Of course you do! We all live in a non-Jewish majority nation. Most everyone I interact with when I leave the door of my home is not Jewish. Sometimes I tuck my start of David and sometimes I let it be shown and know I am Jewish. Times are changing for Jews in this nation and world-wide. We are awake at Kol Ami. We see and feel the changes deeply.

We are also blessed to be a generation of Jews who experience unprecedented acceptance and safety...though every day the acceptance and safety seem to be fading away. We want to embrace our blessings and at the same time work towards reversing the tide of growing antisemitism. I want my grandchildren to be Americans. I do not want to have to leave this place.

Kol Ami is one of the smallest congregations in the greater Puget Sound area. But we are very active. We do not sit on our hands. This is year we are sponsoring our second annual symposium on anit-Semitism in Kirkland.

This is event is organizers by Jews but it is not primarily for Jews. This event is for people who are not Jewish. Our allies. Those whose love and support are essential to our ongoing success and comfort as American Jews. We must build our relationships and ask for allyship. So now is your time! Will you bring at least 1 friend who is not Jewish to Kirkland Together: Becoming Allies Against Antisemrism.

This event, scheduled for Saturday, May 11th, from 3-6 pm, will feature a keynote address by Professor Nancy Koppelman on “Antisemitism Revisited,” as well as a panel of esteemed speakers discussing their efforts to combat antisemitism in our communities. Additionally, there will be small breakout groups led by clergy and educators focusing on building allyship among both adults and teenagers.

If you want to be a part of addressing the growing antisemitism in our communities this is something you can do! Invite and register a friend today. Attend along with them. Ask them fo invite thier friends too.


Nancy Koppelman (she/her) has been a faculty member at Evergreen State College in Olympia for 26 years. She teaches interdisciplinary programs that combine American history, literature, philosophy, and writing, among other fields. She holds a three-year appointment as Visiting Research Scholar with the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies at Brandeis University, where she was a faculty fellow in 2019.

Koppelman lives in Olympia.


Terry Kyllo, Path to Understanding

The Rev. Terry Kyllo is a Lutheran Christian pastor who strives to recognize the unity of the human family. He is the founder of Neighbors in Faith – Answering Islamophobia, Building the Beloved Community (now a program of Paths to Understanding). Terry is the author of two books, has published in multiple publications, and been featured on radio and television shows. He has received a number of awards for his contributions to multi-faith leadership.

Nancy Cohen-Verdy, Lake Washington High School Jewish Student Union Advisor

Paul Regelbrugge, Director of Education, Holocaust Center for Humanity.

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