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Interfaith Shabbat this Shabbat!

The goal:

To welcome people who are not Jewish into our community this Shabbat. Exposure! Connections! Demystifying!

Sharing of our beautiful heritage!


How can you help?

Invite a friend or family member to join you this Shabbat for Friday night services or Shabbat morning Torah study.


Antisemitism. It is on the rise again. There are many things we can do to combat it. Education, outreach, security......

But we can also build stronger connections and mutual support new with our non-Jewish friends, family, and neighbors.

Jews do not proselytize. We have no need or desire for more people to embrace Judaism as their own. We just want to live in peace and safety. And turning friends, neighbors, and family into active supporters of the Jewish community is A path. Not the only path. A path.

My kind of path!

And it is fun and friendly. And neighborly.

Here are the details:

Join us this Shabbat, Friday, August 4, and Saturday, August 5, for an interfaith Shabbat! 

308 4th Ave South in Kirkland

Northlake UU building, small chapel in the back. 


Friday join us for a special service welcoming the Sabbath with our synagogue choir at 7:30 pm


Saturday join Pastor Kara Markel and Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg to study texts from the Torah, 5 Books of Moses, from both Jewish and Christian perspectives. And led by two women! 

10:30 am

If you have any questions or would like to 

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