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Honoring Our Jewish Community and Leaders

Who is honored? 

Pirkei Avot/Ethics of the Ancestors, which we teach at this season traditionally, teaches “Who is honored? The one who honors other people.” 

On Saturday, Shabbat, June 1st, we are kindling a new tradition at Kol Ami: an annual Borsht Belt Brunch honoring our volunteers.  Bagels, kugel, Ashkenazi deliciousness on a lazy late spring Shabbat morning. A get-together to celebrate. With some Shabbat joy thrown in. Wear your festive summer attire!

This year, we are celebrating, amongst others, our exiting co-president Jeffery Grossman—a mensch above all others. His dedication to this community over the past many years, as a greeter, a leader, a donor, and a true friend/haver, is something we can all look to as a role model.  We need many more Jeffery Grossman to help keep the Jewish people going. I am profoundly thankful for his calm, kindness, dedication, and generosity of spirit. 

Please help me honor Jeff and our dedicated laypeople who make Kol Ami a place for Jewish life in Kirkland. Our brunch is at 11:30 am on 6/1/24 

This brunch, for this year at least, is also an opportunity to give to Kol Ami to help support our ongoing work. We are an active Jewish presence in our greater community, and we make synagogue membership and Jewish education available to anyone, regardless of their ability to make donations or pay dues.  

We need your help. Your donations would honor my work, the work of the community, and our leadership. We are working hard to keep Judaism alive, to support the Jewish people near and far, and to be there for each of you during times of good and not-so-good.

We need to raise 10k by July 1, 2023. To cover our expenses through the end of this fiscal year. I am hoping that we can all help make this happen. 

Many blessings. We will be outside for services much of the summer. I look forward to singing, praying, and engaging with you under a tree—sometime soon.

Be like Jeff. Show up. Be the one who welcomes others. Give because of those who gave before you. Honor those who build and maintain the Jewish community for generations to come. 

Many blessings, 

Rabbi Kinberg 

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