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A Note from the Co-Presidents

We need your presence and your financial commitment.

Kol Ami provides life cycle celebrations, education, personal, spiritual, and wellbeing practices, opportunities for social justice, and connection to the Jewish community. And we have weekly Shabbat worship with programs for all ages, and Torah study.

In our recent surveys, 86% of our members reported that they are happy with Kol Ami and 80% would like to create a fulltime position for Rabbi Kinberg when her contract renews in July of 2022.

The Board is working hard to sustain Kol Ami as a vital center for your Jewish life and to provide a fulltime contract for Rabbi Kinberg.

Do you know what it takes to sustain Kol Ami?

To meet our current budget requires an average of $2,300 per family. From July 2020 to June 2021, our income was close to our expenses. Since the beginning of this fiscal year in July 2021, our income is far below the same period last year due to a combination of events. A number of members have not signed up for payments, due to switching to a new financial system. And some members have contributed less this year.

As we work on the Rabbi’s contract, we hope to provide fulltime employment at the Rabbi’s request and the desire of vast majority of our congregation. Using a salary survey for rabbis at comparable size congregations, and if Kol Ami’s membership continues to grow over the next few years, we estimate that the average contribution to sustain

Kol Ami will increase to $2,500. Please understand that this number may change.

We remain committed to our practice of not turning away anyone due to inability to pay. However, please consider contributing at a level of personal significance. We need your response now so that we can negotiate Rabbi Kinberg’s contract with confidence in our financial position. Please evaluate your dues pledge for 2021 – 2022 to ensure that you are up to date on payments and to potentially increase your pledge. Contact J.J. Bradford at 425-844-1604 or if you need assistance navigating Shul Cloud.


Kol Yisrael aravim zeh bazeh: All Israel is responsible for one another.

If you are able to make an additional end of year donation,

it supports Kol Ami as a center for Jewish life for all.


Share your presence with our community!

We are an inclusive egalitarian community, meeting online and onsite with everyone’s safety in mind. Check out our calendar to see what’s coming up in the next month. We would love to see you. Bring your friends and Jewish community to center Kol Ami in your lives.

Thank you,

Linda Bookey & Mike Bresko

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