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Honor Rabbi Kinberg for Chai/18 years as a Rabbi-register for our Purim Fundraiser today!

18 things you might not know about our Rabbi:

  1. Rabbi Kinberg was born in Cincinnati, Ohio during her father's last year of rabbinical school at Hebrew Union College.

2. Rabbi James Mirel and Julie Mirel attended Rabbi Kinberg's baby naming in November 1972.

3. Rabbi Kinberg and her family immigrated to Israel when she was 2 years old...and then came back to the US when she was 4.

4. Rabbi Kinberg is a dual citizen of Israel and the USA. Eugene, Oregon is where Rabbi Kinberg was raised and she attended the University of Oregon for her first two years of college. She grew up in a house right around the corner from Temple Beth Israel where her father served as Rabbi from 1977-1995.

5. Rabbi Kinberg's mother Alice, a recent refugee from Morocco, met her father Jerusalem in 1967 while he was studying to become a Rabbi. He spoke no Hebrew or French. She spoke little English but they married 2 months after meeting and remained married until Myron's sudden death from a heart attack in 1996.

6. Rabbi Kinberg was raised with Reform Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism, Jewish Renewal, and with many Moroccan Jewish traditions.

7. Growing up in Eugene, Rabbi Kinberg rode her bike everywhere and never felt a need to get a driver's license. She ended up not learning to drive until she was 30 years old.

8. Leadership and social justice have always been passions for Rabbi Kinberg. In kindergarten, she served on a children's advisory council to the local utility company. In high school, she served as the youth representative to the Clergy and Laity Concerned board and also served as a youth representative to the City of Eugene's Human Rights Council.

9. Jewish leadership was also a passion. Rabbi Kinberg was regional vice president of her Zionist youth group Young Judea.

10. Israel has played a major role in the life of our Rabbi. She lived in Israel from 1976-78, 1985-1986, 1990-1991, 2001-2002. Most of her family on her mother's side still live in Israel.

11. Rabbi Kinberg is a graduate of the New School for Social Research, a University in NYC that was originally to provide employment for Jewish refugees during WW II.

12. Rabbis Kinberg and Goldstein met when they were both interns at Tikkun magazine on the upper west side of NYC.

13. Rabbis Kinberg and Goldstein are both graduates of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Philadelphia. Their oldest son Ozi was born during their 4th year of the 6-year program.

14. Erez Amichai was born while Rabbi Kinberg was commuting from Olympia to Bellevue while she was an associate Rabbi at Temple B'nai Torah. He spent his first year being cared for by her mother in the synagogue so Rabbi Kinberg could continue to nurse him full time.

15. Animals have always been a big part of Rabbi Kinberg's life and are core to her spirituality. Experiencing interspecies love, a loving connection without language, was the basis of her understanding of God. Rabbi Kinberg currently shares a home with Yoda and Hansolo, her dogs, as well as 5 cats, Skippy Jon Jones, Walnut, Peanut, Jar Jar Binks, and baby Trout. A turtle named Turtelinni is also a member of the household.

16. Rabbi Kinberg's major hobbies include reading voraciously, watching movies, crafting, hanging at the dog park, and spending time with her close girlfriends who live locally.

17. She currently serves as a Board member of NAMI Washington (National Alliance for Mental Illness) and is a member of the newly formed Seattle-area Jewish Community Relations Council.

18. Kol Ami is developing into the congregation of Rabbi Kinberg's dreams: informal, loving, joyful, inclusive of those previously marginalized by the Jewish community, not money-driven or focused (though still in need of an annual fundraiser), diverse, spiritual, full of people who love Jewish culture and arts and who love the outdoors and living in PNW.

This year we are honoring Rabbi Kinberg for her service to the Jewish community. D

Join us in the court of Shushan on February 27 at 7pm via Zoom to honor the Rabbi for her 18 years in the Rabbinate. We will have entertainment, costumes, and a raise the paddle fundraiser in honor of our Chai/18 Queen Yohanna. Please register here to join the festivities and to donate to our annual campaign.

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