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Gathering Sparks
From generation to generation: together we keep the light of the Jewish people aglow

It is with the utmost of gratitude that we announce we are projecting to exceed our fundraising goal! We want to offer sincere gratitude to everyone who generously donated and a special thank you to those involved in putting this all together.


Fundraising Committee:

Rabbi Kinberg       Mary Ashkenazi 

Robin Nolan          Lauren Segal

Belinda Zeitooni    Donna Lurie

Linda Bookey        

Membership Calling Committee


Video Submissions:

Asher Hashash           The Pemble Family          Rabbi Kinberg

Noam Hashash          Jennifer Hisrich                Mike Bresko

The Prince Family      Scott Shurtleff                  Lauren Segal    Linda Bookey             Rocky Chipchosky 

Rhonda & Brian Marshall


​Raffle Donations:

Jane Hashash             Lauren Segal

Rabbi Kinberg 


Special thank you:

Zoe Starikov

Jennifer Phillips McLellan

Kathryn Harbel

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