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Explore your Jewish heritage with this family-oriented, hands-on series of classes. This is for a single session. (Please choose your session in the options below.) (Note, this is the member price. If you are not a Kol Ami member, please select the non-member option.) 9/15 Rosh Hashanah Apple Picking: 5780 New Year! (hands-on activity and discussion) 10/20 Sukkot Family Education: Jewish Family Service Food sort and mobile Sukkah party. 10:30-12:30Exact location and more details will be sent to all registered closer to the date.  11/17 An Attitude of Gratitude: A Very Jewish Thanksgiving—supporting Birthday Dreams Mitzvah Project and creating our own gratitude art to decorate with on Thanksgiving.  12/15 Hanukkah Delights: Oil and Light (cooking) 1/19 MLK Day Interfaith Action (hands-on program with families of other faith traditions) 2/21 Special Friday Edition: Shabbat Dinner (building family rituals and eating together) 3/8 Purim Gift Baskets and JFS Volunteering (hands-on activity and action) 4/5 Family Pre-Passover Scavenger Hunt and Crafts (hands-on activity and crafts) 5/17 Shavuot Ice Cream Social and 10 Commandments Workshop (food and hands-on activity) 6/14 Lakeside Havdalah and Mini-Maccabia (outing and activity)

Jewish Heritage Classes

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