Torah and Dairy Products: A unique and highly maternal combo for Shavuot

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

It is the season for blintzes. And cheese cake. And icd cream. And Torah.

Shavuot, which we celebrate this Thursday night when the sun goes down, is a holiday which brings together so many of my own personal favorite things: Torah, study, dairy products, community, intellectual and spiritual exploration.

Shavuot marks a peak moment for the Jewish people-as experienced within the context of mythic time. It marks the experience of revelation. After weeks of wandering and traveling by foot through the dessert, the Israelites find themselves at the base of Sinai. Freed slaves. Homeless. They wait at the bottom of the mountain as Moses ascends. After 40 days and nights Moses returns with: tablets! And on those tablets? Laws. Ten of them. Laws for how to build a peaceful and just society. Revelation. The Divine sort. A new path for humanity. This is the origins of Torah. Our tree of life.

Shavuot marks revelation at Sinai. It marks the big reveal of life giving and affirming laws. It also marks the start of a several thousand year journey of spiritual and intellectual development through the study of our sacred texts. It might have started with the Ten Commandments but today we understand “Torah” as