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Passover @ Kol Ami 5781

  1. 1st Night Home Seder: Invite a few Kol Ami members to do a Zoom seder in a small group if you do not already have family or friends. Challenge yourself to reach out to their Kol Ami members. Need an email? Contact the office Need resources to put together your own Seder? Contact Rabbi Kinberg for a private consult.

Kol Ami Community Seder on Zoom Sunday, 3/28 @ 5:30pm. Last year I led the community Seder from the floor of my bedroom praying I did not spill my wine all over the carpet. This year my knowledge of Zoom and facility in the leading of groups on Zoom is so much better. I got a huge amount of practice over the past year. Now I am ready to lead a fun, musical, participatory Seder in cyberspace. Might you be interested in participating in the seder? A reading? Leading a favorite seder song? Email me! Register here.

  1. Cyber Gaming the Jewish Way: HolidayQuest: The Missing Matzah Saturday @ 4/3 @ 3pm. Meagan and Dan Prince are hosting Kol Ami families (at no cost) and guests, $18/36, in a Passover afternoon of digital fun. You will be presented with different puzzles and riddles to solve at each stage of the game - 10 stages finish the quest! Your family can choose the Standard (mixed ages), Junior (designed for kids age 9-13), or even the Pro version (for experienced puzzlers). Register here. We'll start in a Zoom together, hosted by Meagan Prince, but we'll each play the puzzles on our own internet browsers. We can even split into breakout rooms for teams who want to work collaboratively!

  1. Mimouna with the Kinberg-Goldstein Household Sunday, 4/4 @ 7pm. Join the Rabbis for a home celebration. We will teach on Mimouna, offer blessings, and do a short cooking lesson on how to make Mufleta - a Morrocan post-Passover delicacy. Find the recipe here. Register here.

ECO-JUDAISM TIPS: Recipes for bringing local PNW flavors into our Seder. Go to your local Farmer's Market and see what is FRESH and LOCAL and build your meal around the season.

(use up what you have in the freezer from last summer, be sure to drain juices out)

OR how about forage some bitter herbs and fresh greens from our PNW forests. Put them on your seder plate.

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