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Stories Matter Week 1: Donna Lurie

Solace during COVID – by Donna Lurie

My name is Donna Lurie. I am descended from a long line of Rabbis and scholars. My family emphasized Jewish study, Jewish values, and community service as I grew up. I have tried to carry out these key principles with my immediate family and with the way that I interact with other human beings. We joined Kol Ami in 2002 and celebrated our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah in 2008. In addition to serving as Chair of several committees over the years, I have served as Vice President, Co-President, President, and Past President of Kol Ami. Kol Ami is a steady source of friendship, spiritual inspiration, social justice, comfort, and support in my life. I became very anxious with the outbreak of COVID-19 and have managed my anxiety with meditation, exercise, and connecting with other congregants via Zoom or phone. Having these connections make a world of difference and help me feel less isolated and less helpless in coping with the ongoing quarantine and economic fallout. Kol Ami’s existence and strength gives me hope for the future of our community and the future of our Jewish heritage.



If you have a story to share, regardless of the topic, this is a time when our readers would appreciate the sharing and entertainment outlet. Submit your 1-2 paragraph story to: Lauren Segal.

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