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Love and support can come to you, even when you can’t leave the house. The Kol Ami supply bank and mobile Rabbinic support is available for you. 


Have something to share? 


Need an essential item? 


Need pastoral support? 


On Thursdays Rabbi Kinberg will pick up anything you have to share: cleaning supplies, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, digital thermometers, gloves, etc.


On Fridays Rabbi Kinberg will drop items outside your home if you have a need. 


And if you would like pastoral support from 6 feet away, make an appointment and I will be there. I have a lawn chair and will set it up on the other side of your door so we can talk. Or we can sit outdoors. You are always welcome to call or text for distance support too 24/7 at 360-280-5372. 


Please do not hesitate to share items or to ask for a delivery of essential items. 


Kol Ami also has a special Tzedakah fund to help people in times of crisis. Please let us know if you need an emergency grant to help make it through this season. All requests will go through myself and will be confidential. 


There are many things we cannot do right now. But I know we CAN take care of our 130 Kol Ami families. 


Many blessings, 

Rabbi Kinberg

COVIDWA.COM is a free Covid vaccine finder website that lists Covid-19 vaccine availability including links to each providers' scheduling site.  COVIDWA.COM can be searched for where vaccines are available by county, city, zip-code, or specific provider within Washington State.


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